We have a fake komoki among us be afraid

I was thinking of closing this account and making a new account named ‘komoTEEN’
@Ak888 I pinged 4 people and you called it a lot. I pinged you once on this forum and you called it a lot. Wow...
@Ak888 And I never said I have any problem. If you want to start a forum fight, I'm staying out.

The real question is: what problem do YOU have with me?
@A_0123456 you pinged a millions and trillion of people don’t lie. (Did i say only this forum?)
@Ak888 Ok the million pages forum was a joint effort so a lot of people pinged a lot of people. Other than that, no.

If you have got a problem with me, just spit it out! Don't play games with me like this.

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