We have a fake komoki among us be afraid

@Ak888 I read forum etiquette and you are trying to start a fight and frustrate me.

So I'm telling you to stop being annoying like this when I did NOTHING wrong.
And... of course, you start upvoting your own posts...
@Riko2020_chess The @komoki meme was pushed into only inside teams soon after it came out. And it never came back out of team forums until people decided to do so. And the main "proponents" (me and ultramuddish) have decided to keep it inside team forums and never in the main forums.
Sigh... I don't go seeking for trouble. Trouble comes to me.
@Riko2020_chess: It is tough to predict the force.
Me: Oops, I accidentally sliced you with my lightsaber.
You: Oh no... the force turned against me! I shouldn't have said that.
I never made a komoki joke on the main forums as of late...
Nor was I making a komoki joke here... nobody was...
This is me when I hear that my apprentice has killed me:

@A_0123456, my young apprentice, I am still alive, and you will be punished! Right now!

P.S. These memes weren't created by me but whoever created them, they're hilarious.

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