Messi Or Ronaldo?

I will provide an explanation:
Ronaldo has more goals and has won more trophies, and is essentially a harder worker, but he just sits in the striker position and waits for the balls to come to him and BOOM! he is no doubt the best finisher in the world. He has also won more of a variety of trophies than messi, and has played in 3 different leagues at proffessional level, whereas messi only one. He is in much better physical shape than messi as well, and faster. He is only a bit creative, and i think that is the only thing that lets him down. At the age of 35, he performs breath-takingly well.
Messi however has more assists than Ronaldo, and it is obvious he has more talent than Cristiano. He is quite creative, and uses the fact that he is small and agile to his advantage. Messi is younger though however, which gives him more time to overtake cristiano in goals and trophies. I doubt messi will move to another club than Barca.

I have given you the facts people. Now its up to you to decide.
Still Messi. Ronaldo is *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

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