Lag and connection problems ?

I played a few games today and had problems in some of them.
In one my clock said I had 26 seconds left, so I played a move ,and it then said I lost on time ?!
I kept posting messages in the chat box, and they didn't appear for about 20 seconds :(
I occasionally got a big red message in the bottom left of my screen saying "Reconnecting"

Its a new laptop lol, i7 processor, 16 thingumybobs of Ram and a 480 ssd.
Running windows 10 ,using Firefox.
I did a speed check and that was D/L 23.16 mbps, U/L 5.00 mpbs and ping 21ms

I had full bars on my connection.

Is there something I need to do to sort his out, because it makes playing a real pain :(

Thankyou :)

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