I hate people......

LOL. No, of course people are the best things on this planet and without people you have nothing. nothing beats a good relationship.

But I still want to rant...

1. Idiots that leave without resigning, makes me want to play the computer
2. Idiots who use a computer and I waste 20-minutes and they make zero inaccuracies or mistakes
3. Idiots who abandon because they don't play white
4. Idiots who play super fast and lose.
5. Idiots who get mad in a classical game when I take 5 minutes to think
6. Idiots who have ask for takebacks all game.
7. Idiots who think online chess means you are good at chess.
8. Idiots who think they can become Magnus by playing more and more.

Reasons why I need people:

1. Great people who teach me strategy and advice
2. Great people who are passionate about getting better
3. Great people who offer value for free
4. Great people who stream for free
5. Great people who play with me and I'm much worse
6. Great people who work on this site for free
7. Great people who know great people play chess

Hate 8. Great 7.


On the folks you hate:

1) Those people suck agreed.
2) Most suspected engine users are not engined users. If you hang your queen on move 8, for instance, it's not necessarily because they got stockfish up. However many still do cheat, but most of those get flagged.
3) How do you know it's because they are not white? Maybe they looked at your rating or weren't paying attention watching youtube videos.
4) Why complain about easy rating points?
5) I'm going to go with that is situational. If it's a position where you got 4-5 candidate moves, ya, you are right. On the other hand if there is just 1 move that makes sense (no in-between moves either) or just 1 legal move. I could see them getting annoyed.
6) You can set it so you never accept takeback requests.
7) Generally speaking, a strong online chess player will also be strong over the board.
8) Nothing wrong with being ambitious although this is generally unrealistic. Even aiming to be a GM is unrealistic for most, or any title for that matter.

In my opinion this is a bit over hateful. I mean:

Those who play to fast and lose is not your problem and you're winning so... Don't complain.😁

Those who ask for takebacks, just disable the fricken take back option in your settings it makes life easier in rated games.

Those who think whatever about online chess, again not your problem.

Those who abandone the game in any way get a warning, mods cracking down on this and after so many times they get banned. However annoying it may be yes.

The one I agree with you on 100% is those who complain for you to hurry up and move in a classical game. Not including the a holes that are just timing you down for 30 minutes in spite of a lost position.

However, as you said: love love love. 💖 this heart is for you.

I hate people who waste oxygen listing all the ppl they hate.

I hate people who spam messages to distract me when I am losing on time.

I 'm not in any of those 8 "hate" list haha. I'm proud of myself.


I hate people who waste oxygen listing all the ppl they hate.


i hate people who waste oxygen listing why they hate people who list people all the ppl they hate.

I hate people who waste oxygen listing why they hate people who hate ppl who waste oxygen listing all the people they hate.

@bunyip It appears you gave money to this site, yet you personally attack it's members. It makes no sense why poison a community.

maybe someone else can chime in and explain to me bunyip's logic on how he's helping this chess community

i attacked nobody

yet you did