How to remove Ads on Youtube

So i just had a chat with a user who complained about all these ads on youtube.

Luckily the solution for that problem is simple: Install the uBlock Origin Addon for your Webbrowser. It is Open Source (the repository is here: ). Once installed the ads are gone.

I just tested this with a fresh installed Opera Browser (i already have Chrome and Firefox installed) and after the install of the Browser i had ads on youtube. Then i installed uBlock, opened another video and tada, the ads were gone.

So, give uBlock a try, you wont regret it.

Here are the links for the different Webbrowsers:


If you use another browser, a simple Google search for 'uBlock Origin <your Webbrowser>' will reveal if uBlock is available for it.

Notice, you can of course use uBlock to remove elements from Webpages or to change their appearance.

To remove elements, rightclick them and click the uBlock symbol. There you will get a preview and you can also edit this text (below the text entry there are clickable alternatives which select broader/narrower sections). Once done, click the 'create' button.

To change the style of an element, again, rightclick the specific element, press the uBlock symbol and then append ':style(<your css rules>)'.

for example to make the text 'Lichess' top left on this page pink, rightclick it, click the uBlock icon and append ':style(color:pink;)' to the ' > [href="/"]' which you see in the text entry.

You can go to an overview of all your rules by clicking on the 'dashboard' button, which you find on the dialog which pops up if you click the uBlock addon icon top right. In the dashboard, click the tab 'My Rules'. You can also edit that list, but (a bit anti-intuitive) you need to edit the entry on the right side. When done click 'save' and then 'save permanently'.

It is worth learning the uBlock filter syntax, unfortunately the documentation is AKWARD. Here is the start page of the so called documentation:

But the following document is good enough for a start. It is short and understandable, but incomplete:


If uBlock alone is not enough for you, google for 'uBlock Origin Extra' and for 'uMatrix' - all from the same Author, Raymond Hill, our open source hero (The Thibault Duplessis of Ad Blockers). Especially uMatrix is - in my Opinion - more pleasant to use for domain blocking.

Expert hint: I use uBlock for cosmetic filters and uMatrix for blocking domains. I have very strict default rules in uMatrix (the '*' button) - I allow just Images and CSS of the original domain. I unblock for every single page, and i unblock until the page works. Thats actually fun for me, but yes, you 'break' websites with this, so if you dont know what you are doing, better leave the defaults and probably just use uBlock Origin.

If these three addons are not enough, check out Greasemonkey. But you need Javascript skills for Greasemonkey.



Q: Are there better Ad Blockers than uBlock Origin?
A: Yes, uBlock Origin + uBlock Origin Extra + uMatrix ;-)

Q: But Adblock Plus or <insert your addon here> is much stronker!
A: No, uBlock is the stronkest ;-) I dont say it is the simplest, but one can learn to understand it.

Q: Will it slow down my Browser?
A: No. It will SPEED up your browser! Because it blocks ad resources like eg. images and slow loading scripts which your browser otherwise would have to download (and execute). If your browser doesnt have to download these resources it can obviously load the page faster. This has actually been tested:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

This yokel knows what he's talking about. All hail Ublock Origin!

As a technoob, how do i know its safe and wont take over my comp. In the hypothetical case that one day i have one.

@subomega You can read through the sources on the mentioned Github repo and install it by hand, but of course thats non noob stuff.

But if 22.000+ users give on average 4.7 of 5 points on the chrome download page ...

... and if 10.000+ users do the same on the firefox page (and the Firefox devs recommend the addon) ...

... then this is a safe indicator that it is good software ;-)

not to mention 10 million active users of the chrome addon and 5 million of the firefox addon ;-)

Works like a charm @N78_Training thanks. YouTube ads have been doing my nut in recently, total mood killer trying to listen to music.

Indeed @N78_Training i've been using it ever since i knew about it (4 years or so) i saw your post so i decided to help spread the word. The best Adblocker by far, there is nothing that compares.