Creation vs. Atheism

> So if I asked you how we got here, you would say "I don't know"?
> That would be reasonable except that you haven't tried to know. I mean, by
> laws of logic, something had to have been here forever, something had to
> have designed this world,

This is utter nonsense and it has already been addressed in #132 two weeks ago, and in more detail in #129 in this thread, but since you are obviously too lazy to read here first and think that all others have as short memories as you do here it is again, in short:

> I mean, by laws of logic, something had to have been here forever

And which "laws of logic" should that be? You were quite vocal in telling us that the universe couldn't be eternal because it has to have a creator. At the same time you tell us that "god" is indeed eternal and doesn't have to have a creator. Don't you see some inconsistency in your own argumentation?

> something had to have designed this world,

And here it is again: "my toaster was built by some company, so the universe must work the same and also have been built by someone". No, the first is not a reason for the second to be true. In fact, most of the world doesn't work like everyday experience suggests - like i have shown in #129 using the example of the Uncertainty Principle, which you ignored. Following your "logic" one could ask: "i know exactly where my football is and it can't be *here* and *there* at the same time. So why should sub-atomic particles behave different?" The answer is: because they *are* different - quite like your toaster and the universe. And because something is true for one doesn't mean it is true for the other too.

(Sadly, i expect to repeat that once 5 pages have passed.)

> "hey what are the odds the universe has exactly

That is another piece of flawed logic: you cannot make a statistical argument based on one single case. If the universe wouldn't allow for life to exist we wouldn't be here and argue why we do not exist. How many universes exist (or have existed, will exist, ...) with no life in them we don't know.

And last but not least, the epitome of ignorance:

> billions if years ago, nothing exploded and made everything

And from where do you have that? Right now, using the general theory of relativity and the non-zero Boltzmann-constant, we can calculate back to a point where numbers become infinite (approx. 14 billion years ago) and so further calculation becomes meaningless. This is called the "singularity". What was "before" (take that "before" more metaphorically because time started at that singularity and without time "before" has no meaning) - nobody knows. Among other possibilities there is:

- "something" exploded. Note: not "nothing", but since you don't have any idea of physics the difference doesn't matter anyway.

- nothing "exploded" but in fact a contraction that happened before was reversed at that point because the universe is fluctuating

And your last fallacy is: you argue from a preconceived opinion backwards: there must be a god because you believe in one and therefore you only see what meets with your opinion. Everything else is either ignored, buried under reams of quotes from a bronze-age text that states that bats are birds and whale are fish - if this was written by god he failed biology 101 - or similarly done away with.

Instead of wanting to find out the truth or get at least as close to it as possible you just make up silly stories which purport to explain everything as long as one can keep his eyes shut to ignore reality.


@Archaeon You sound like you want to shout and cuss at me, but not get called out on it. hence the (just kidding!) parts. i don't even know if we're debating, all i'm getting a bunch of bible verses and stories.


if you view the bible (especially the old testament) as a collection of stories about this "god" that people who wanted money and power made up, then the book will suddently make SOOO MUCH more sense!


___________________not so fast

"Archaeon I'm not exactly sure what that had to do with what i said, you just presented a cherry picked chapter from the bible that sounded pretty and sweet, of course the bible needs to include things like this if it wants to get any followers whatsoever, may i remind you that that same book also contains just as many passages where god reveals himself to be bipolar, sadistic and wicked."


A whale swallowed a person?

A person that a whale swallowed lived?

A whale that swallowed a person is busy with God's good work and will surely deliver that person wherever they need to be?!


the _____ IS the bible story can't be a lie
.......... __
...............` _
.........\ ___ ...
.......\________ __ __ ___ ___ ____ POINT



sPROsey "Once upon a time a greedy power hungry evil genius
exacted a sinister plan to control people and Make money with JONAH"
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ________

__________ LOL
Then swore up and down GOD said it!


hang on I'm checkin'

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that is not Right

_ . y O u ' r . _ |NncorrectT| *


__ ___ _ f ____ a _________ l _________________\__.

______________________________________________________________________________ the _TRUTH_ is right SpirolLs __|

so as I fail to recognize intelligence in you then who has failed?
your communication skills?
My detection skills?
if you don't understand something then it doesn't make any sense, is that it?

it may awful hard to accept but it just boils down to the simple
that any way you look at it
what YOU said about the bible
can not be right

getting anything yet?

you can't understand a word I say

you're blinded by God

the truth is gibberish to you

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

do you believe the truth is self evident?

show me how smart you are by answering this question right, PieroaST

@Archaeon said (before a monkey on LSD snatched the keyboard from him):
> if you view the bible (especially the old testament) as a collection of stories about this
> "god" that people who wanted money and power made up, then the book will suddently
> make SOOO MUCH more sense!

Especially the old testament?? Let us see: there is a young woman. She is pregnant. Nobody knows by whom, but definitely not her husband. Three old men come. They bring precious gifts.

Just follow the money....

As i don't intend to respond to anything this spammer, ahem, writes, any more, on something completely unrelated, namely the "afterlife":

The only reason some of us believe in an "afterlife" is because we (or rather: they) don't understand the phenomenon "life" as well as we understand the phenomenon "buttered bread" or the phenomenon "book". Once the bread is eaten, its eaten and once life is over, its over.

Nobody would try to find an "afterbread" on the empty dish after he finished eating the bread and nobody tries to look for an "afterbook" behind the last page of read book. But of course, when life ends, there is an afterlife after that. Yes, sure....


God evolved when a prayer from the future meant for the past collided with a transcending interdenominational what-have-ya bathtub all purpose inter-dimensional alternate universe switching feature keeper clicker and they both disappeared for 500Billion powers of Graham's #$!

finally it formed into a single cell that would eventually create the universe for the first time.

And that baby cell is how babies are still forced to divide and specialize tissues until maturity and final;ly (hahaha) DEATH which you don't have to think about getting girlier friends anymore... useful and i gotta see this!

so that's that it:

History of God
Origin and meaning of life
mans purpose
afterlife (full version extra long cut)
and how to always be full of pure joy even if you have been kidnapped and they tied you up and then brought in a too cute actress to do a favor for you while you are helpless....not little but most consider a BIG favor! even now you can focus think about your priorities and future and keep on focused and let this little 'distraction' get you down. not now champ. now you're gonna get through this despite what these thugs think...
and last but not least of course Religion finally fully explained and revealed for the first time and final time.

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if you are thinking you are simply too late

well nothing

i swear to god

the end of atheism and creation (OFFICIAL)

This makes a lot more sense than everything else in this thread put together. vast margin.....astronomically disproportionate of meaning everthing everywhere as nothing could be clearer to just shitin in circles together like a fucking reuniun of a dog chasing his tail for entertainment dead boredom is the cause symptom and plan for revenge soon...just wait for it... surpise

fuu... forgot what i was gonna say here

and even if a man could read it
he could never read it out loud fast enough good enough

krasnaya: "@Archaeon said (before a monkey on LSD snatched the keyboard from him):
> if you view the bible (especially the old testament) as a collection of stories about this
> "god" that people who wanted money and power made up, then the book will suddently
> make SOOO MUCH more sense!"

no archaeon quoted SpyroSE who said


"if you view the bible (especially the old testament) as a collection of stories about this "god" that people who wanted money and power made up, then the book will suddently make SOOO MUCH more sense!"


___________________not so fast

"Archaeon I'm not exactly sure what that had to do with what i said, you just presented a cherry picked chapter from the bible that sounded pretty and sweet, of course the bible needs to include things like this if it wants to get any followers whatsoever, may i remind you that that same book also contains just as many passages where god reveals himself to be bipolar, sadistic and wicked."


and answered him but well and can't imagine what you could possibly saying now. if you would actually read enough context to comprehend anything you would also know that what you said above does not make sense either. don't need to read it.


ok... hmm

i don't masturbate like a monkey.. well ya maybe a caged monkey
but i definit;uy don't sleep like a monkey
i don't even have a tail.

i think YOU are monkey when i read YOu r important business papers your mother cared so much for

but slow down.. easy take it easy

i pardon you


maniacal clavaccord

hey @krasnaya

when it's over like my word
it lives on

and like your word...what was it?

afterlife too good for someone else to have a valid point about?

arrogant bastard judgmental waaay the fudge over the line..that's a foul

you just killed a man you could not be bothered with to understand and without understanding dissmissed and drecried him and left him desolate. publicly posting this judgement



fool, repent, you're going to hell [so you don't go to hell]