Creation vs. Atheism

@BeliefOnTheLordJesus That guy's white board needs a good clean - it's got rubbish all over it. Seriously though, all you need to be convinced of the most absurd, improbable, nonsense is a guy wearing a suit, writing on a white board? At least you must have the snake oil market covered as most of it is sitting in your medicine cabinet!

@BlackBishop9319 You're online, yet you don't feel the need to heavy criticism your religious nonsense received? Not surprising really. You are one of life's savants who can wake up like ahuman, talk the 'gods' work earn a few bucks doing it and then spend it on their vice. You're another charlatan. If you had been peddling any other brand name here on lichess, you would have been shut down ages ago. Alas - in the name of equality for your particular business that earns you money - all's good.

Much of what say is absolutely correct!! The only aspect of your assumptions that I find extremely out place is your conviction that the world was created 6,000 years ago. I see absolutely no evidence that matter of factly ties creationism and Christianity into this bizarre theory. It's strange to me that you can see so clearly that this world does indeed have a "grand architect" that created all we see and yet a significant part of your theology is rooted in what is most likely an American Christian revivalism of an exceedingly ignorant supposition of "Old Testament-Jew-Jibberish" accounting for the ENTIRE universe being in existence for merely 6,000 years. Furthermore, to base your life on such a bizarre theory is nothing short of RECKLESS....nevertheless, you believe in God and our Lord and Saviour Jesus I am willing to look the other way on your bizarre 6,000 year supposition. I still warn you @BlackBishop9319, if you're not more careful with your theological inquiries, you will find yourself in company of liars and filth along the likes of Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, and Jehovah's Witnesses!!

Hello everybody. I would just like to thank you all for particitpating in this forum. It will most likely be closed soon. But before I go, try and guess who I am?

For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.
Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.

Hebrews 4:12, Proverbs 26:4,5

Obviously: (...and I just don't think that bullshit sells. you can''t mix a dog with a giraffe to get a giraffiscopter. Every time I see an octopus I say
,'l oO k at that kangaroo! run!'
... i'm sorry but thqt's just the way it is. and I'm not going to say I'm sorry very much longer. two rights don't ... make a wrong ... trune? turn? no two? wait...wron'gs don't.. make a shake no....? )
___________________________________________________________________________________ it's mostly just dark matter and cosmic background radiation and the variable physics from the sub-micro to grand beyond visibility scales differential slack re-uptake compression encryption detector's faulty thermostat that gives rise to the popular belief that the whole universe is alive and part of greater life form than we can conceiver of and if there's a god created all of it then God is so many stages of physics above ours that we couldn't even begin to consider Thrown His Name around like that.

[why are cris'chenz the worst part of cxrisTianity [beat] for two [2beats] points? anyone [3beats] Beulher?]

all bullshit up u go


shutup it's not

`, )

...anyway, Long story short is a phrase whose origins are convoluted and rambling...


if you view the bible (especially the old testament) as a collection of stories about this "god" that people who wanted money and power made up, then the book will suddently make SOOO MUCH more sense!

why did this god never say anything about anything outside out of the middle-east? it is as if that's the only region he knew existed. why didn't he tell mankind anything they didn't already know (that was actually true)? he is god after all.

Are your questions sincere or merely pointed?
I'll go ahead with a show of good faith toward you and clear up a bunch a stuff about christianity for you.

You have a soft heart and you love to help people all the time?
servants heart
people respect heroes and not so much helpers.
what do you think about that?
I think it's good to help people especially the worse they are!
yeah. I love people too. damn fool. it's almost a wash.
sometimes I'm sure that all the positive feelings and judgments for other people is merely a projection of my own.
people don't love people...much. or God
Mormons practice baptism for the dead! They go get baptized a second time just in case someone who somehow found God east of Eden that they want to have all the commandments -baptism- in place for them. Now I don't believe it but i can clearly say it is not evil and I think it's awesome! that's the nicest thing anyone ever did for me!

Do you know the story of Jonah from the bible? God told his messenger Jonah to go to Nineveh or something. Now Nineveh is THE WORST place with the worst people. moral decomposition mind you. -Now Jonah strikes me as one of those who keeps nodding approving validation at the person until they have completely left the room. - So Jonah said, "YES!" and Jonah went the opposite direction on a ship sailed due 'away from Nineveh'. well old GoD ddn't like that too much. So wouldn't you know it a storm came upon the boat Jonah was asylumnd on. Well they thought they were gonna die. Jonah spoke up, " its my fault. I disobeyed God and that's why there's a storm. Throw me overboard into the sea and you shall live.
So they threw Jonah in the sea
Then the sun came out! It was beautiful! They said well let's double back and pick up Jonah with bright merry hearts...all positive and shit...they turned the ship, located Jonah -There He is!- as they all watched a whale came up from the ocean and swallowed Jonah and went back down!
The point of the story is not revealed until the 2nd installment of the story. there's just a bit more. Then you 'll see what I'm talking about and how it relates to everything else.
ok part II Jonah
That damn whale swam Jonah to Nineveh and spat his bad ass out on the shore! Well.
So Jonah did as he was told to do. (and that's all it is. it's not bad. it's very good) When Jonah finished telling the awful people of Ninevah, scumbags, God's Word then Jonah sighed of relief and climbed a cliff overlooking the scummy community he had just indoctrinated or evangelized?. to watch the wrath of God destroy them! He reasoned in his heart that now that they had heard of God then there was no excuse for them and surely swiftly judgemnt comes rippin!
But the Lord actually wanted to help and save these people! Can you believe it! could you? It was sunny and hot. The Lord knew What jonah was thinking and realized he would be sitting for a long time before he decided something else to do. So the The Lord caused a bush to grow up miraculously beside Jonah to provide shade.

Now What's the most difficult part to believe?

A whale swallowed a person?

A person that a whale swallowed lived?

A whale that swallowed a person is busy with God's good work and will surely deliver that person wherever they need to be?!

God's own prophet, His chosen messenger, the voice of the Lord and the arc of His law would be the type of person who did not know the Lord, understand his will or his plans, the Word out his own mouth or anything??!!!!

God loves wicked people and wants to save them from there own destruction by their own devices, it's true, to a paradise of Life everlasting in Heaven with God and wonders forever! Serendipitous divinity Honor Glory power Righteousness LOVE family and friends and ALL kinds of other things! all the extinct and so many more....and so on...?????!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonah would confess on the ship and give it up like that? ha ha ha ha ha ha

A liar would make up a story about whale swallowing a a wayward prophet and so on ...and that liar would present such a story as it were the WORD OF THE LIVING LORD OUR GOD CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH AND THE FATHER OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST WHO DIED ON THE CROSS FOR OUR SINS AND ROSE FROM THE DEAD THREE DAYS LATER AND PROVED HE WAS TELLING THE TRUTH ALL THE TIME?
(THIS IS hardest of all to believe. ------------- A liar can neither conceive of nor would he nor would he damn sure not try to pass off such a ridiculous story as not just a true story not a sailor story all blown up out of proportion from exaggeration and hearsay but that this true story is the story of God and his people and it simply does not happen any other way.

Easy to believe my point:
So, the point's, it would seem most Christians are kinda like Jonah. They know God is the Boss. so they believe Him They Do! but they rarely really get it on a good working level with society and shine like Christ in this dark world.

Christians think I'm the anti-Christ. And I am. But I'm not really. Anyway God's not gonna leave me this way. I am dead. But i understand EEEEEEEEEEEEVERYthing!

ask me something only I would know:


@SpyroSE "why did this god never say anything about anything outside out of the middle-east? it is as if that's the only region he knew existed. why didn't he tell mankind anything they didn't already know (that was actually true)? he is god after all."

so if you would like to know. I will kindly answer your questions.

(only take small survey, no time required! very little blood, about this reply and your scarification with it...satisfaction .....xantification i mean. no get a call tomorrow kindly give my full marks for customer sanctification or else what?! I DONE SAID , " IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE I CAN HELP YOU WITH TODAY THREEE TIMES!!! so is there. fine full marks then. indians)

@Archaeon I'm not exactly sure what that had to do with what i said, you just presented a cherry picked chapter from the bible that sounded pretty and sweet, of course the bible needs to include things like this if it wants to get any followers whatsoever, may i remind you that that same book also contains just as many passages where god reveals himself to be bipolar, sadistic and wicked. i mean, the threat of hell for all the unbelievers is enough as it is for such a religion to deserve no respect whatsoever, and then it tries to portray it as a "neccesity" that unbelievers go to hell, rather than what is actually is, god's pure will. it just portrays itself as a religion full of love and life because "god loves you" (but he really doesn't). like many things, it looks nice on the outside to lure people in, where it can then trap and control them.

the part about morals, i don¨'t know what you're trying to get at, you don¨'t need religion to be a nice caring person helping those in need. in fact, doing that without a religious cause means that you care more geniuenly as opposed to someone who'd just do it to get to heaven.