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@NoobBatter I think thibault will have to shut lichess down because of the $1890870 fee. Oh no! @NoobBatter why did you get the idea of starting a "letter fee" in 1827, where it was only $0.01 a letter? Did you really not know that soon, lichess will die due to inflation...?

Yes...@NoobBatter We both were alive in 1827. I was born 1802 in Mars and you were born 1776 in Mars. We decided to migrate to earth with our advanced technology and gave it to thibault in 1822 to start lichess. Since you were now a major official of lichess, you made a permanent rule of letter tax. And thibault couldn't change it back.

In 1896, a huge dust storm came and destroyed much of Mars's life and atmosphere so it was a one way trip. Thankfully, Martians live as long as they want.

10 years later, in 1906, a group of Martians, including @bunyip, @thechessguy2_0, and more, landed in our base in Antarctica. Thibault had told our location and told that he wanted to take revenge on you for instating the permanent lichess tax.

You, sadly were able to escape to China where you still are today.

I didn't realize that you were the villain and defended your position until I realized in 1908 that you WERE the villain.

Me and @bunyip became strong enemies in this argument, and @bunyip has tried to attack my Antarctica base multiple times. But he doesn't understand that Andromedan armor is unbreakable.

The rest of the Martians did become friends with me, but we all lived in obscurity, in far away places from each other, as humans feared aliens.

But now, I think it's time that we all tell the truth.

@xh775, @bunyip , @thechessguy2_0 , @NoobBatter , @Savage_Cactus, @circaasenseyes, @xh666, @TrophyDropper, @Xerus_1: IT'S TIME...

Oh whoops I forgot to mention: @xh775 recently went into a black hole. The pain of spaghetifying was so bad that he decided to die there (because Martians can decide when they die so they are technically not immortal).

A toast to @xh775, the awesome forum guy.

To the ever awesome forum guy Orange BOT xh775.
Can I ever forget him? No.

Wanna bet?


Wan that Avrill with its shouers soute the drought of Marrch hath perced to the roote
And bathed everie veine in swiche liqour of wich vertu engendured is the flor

@sparowe14 Nice try with the middle english. Sadly for you, I got old english here.

Se wisa wer timbrode his hus ofer stan.
Þa com þær micel flod, and þær bleowon windas, and ahruron on þæt hus, and hit ne feoll: soþlice, hit wæs ofer stan getimbrod.

Þa timbrode se dysiga wer his hus ofer sandceosol. Þa rinde hit, and þær com flod, and bleowon windas, and ahruron on þæt hus, and þæt hus feoll; and his hryre wæs micel.

Veerry nieice! Funny how that olde english sounds so much like german or norse. As my excuse, I was just going off the recess of my olde mind, no resource here. Don't think I have ever seen old english before. I like it.

God bless google translate.(unless he really has got an Old English keyboard.)

Old English is the language of the Germanic inhabitants of England, dated from the time of their settlement in the 5th century to the end of the 11th century.
And thanks for the Chaucer :)