Chuck Norris is so tough....

Is so tough. His opponent pieces checkmate themselves in fear.

Chuck Norris? Hmm. He can win with a knight vs a queen. He can find forks in the toughest of positions. Besides, he can checkmate with a KING. Never mind any pieces.

If Chuck Norris plays chess, the roundhouse kick removes three pieces.

Chuck Norris is so tough, his career can survive Breaker! Breaker!

He can checkmate in one from any position you give him.( FIDE banned him, so that is why he does not have a rating of 4000+)

chuck got to be world champion using exclusively the botez gambit .

Thanos needed six infinity stones to destroy half the universe, give Chuck Norris six pebbles and he can destroy the whole universe.(Kim Jong Un and Heisenberg have wasted their time testing nuclear stuff, for they had not known there was a man named Chuck Norris.)