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  3. Changing the looks of Lichess Interface

Hey @Toadofsky! I've watched some of your videos and I really like the lichess interface that you use. The terminal kind of look, looks amazing! I myself want to use that theme. Could please help me in doing that (if you're reading this thread)? I'd really appreciate that! :)

Just for others looking at this --> Here is another idea that I like a lot.

Settings Transparent:

Thanks @CreativeThinking !

Take a look at:

Hey @Toadofsky ! Thanks man! It really helped me a lot! I usually play when most people are asleep. It looks amazing (it's soothing to the eyes too)!
BTW, this is how did it:
1. Installed "Stylus" using the second link.
2. Went to the third link, and copied only the CSS Code. (Did not download the other extension)
3. Clicked on this extension that appeared at the top-right corner.
4. Clicked on "write user style for:"
5. Then pasted the copied stuff, gave it a name and saved it!
And I did it! Thank you again! :))