Who is the best Lichess player?


I think many person interested about: "Who is the best on the Lichess?" So, I would like to suggest to create a new leaderboard for this idea.

Naturally we need a new rating system. But this is complicated, because it should be complex. Well, I have been created a system for testing, and I am waiting for your oppinions about my idea...

1. Standard points

- the top 200 players get points in every chess format
- for example: 200. player = 1 point; 199. player = 2 points; etc.

2. Trophies points (bonus)

- top 100 - 51 player = +100 points
- top 50 - 11 player = +200 points
- top 10 - 2 player = +300 points
- top 1 player = +400 points
- shield = +500 points

3. Normal chess format's points (bonus)

- the standard and trophies points will be doubled in every single normal chess format

4. Difficulty points (bonus)

- you will get these points if you reached the top 200 player in that chess format
- Bullet = +650 points
- Blitz = +600 points
- Bughouse = +550 points
- Chess960 = +500 points
- Rapid = +450 points
- UltraBullet = +400 points
- Atomic = +350 points
- Classical = +300 points
- Horde = +250 points
- Three-check = +200 points
- King of the Hill = +150 points
- Atichess = +100 points
- Racing Kings = +50 points

[...and if the server count these points, we will get the best player]


I like this idea! If this were implemented I would get 350 points right from the start because I am top 200 in Atomic :)

Honestly I think Andrew Tang would be the best player, he's just so good at standard and all the variants, and sometimes has so many trophies they don't fit on the screen!

I like this idea and appreciate the effort in coming up with it, but I think it's too niche to be worth coding.

Perhaps we could work toward something like an overall variants score, though. That is to say we follow a system similar to yours and hand out trophies like we do for, say, the top 100 in atomic.

@AcademicNinja99 Remember that Arka50 won the FVVWC :).

I think it is a fantastic idea, but I simply don't think lichess will implement it. It demands a lot of data basis and calculation to know the best player. I think the possibility is there, as @FischyVishy mentionned. But, what we can do, is that we can create some World Championship (or World Cup) in every variant, and attribute points in the final standings for each variant tournament. That way, if we gather all the points together, we could have a clear idea of who is the best player on Lichess.

#1 "Who is the best on the Lichess?" Here is an answer:Magnus Carlsen.He competed in most of Lichess titled arenas and won.

Of course it‘s Erwin Wackernagl. Alas, he is playing anonymously.

Well, I would like to unfont my idea:

I think the Lichess is Lichess, so it is include all variants of chess. So only 1 player can be the best, not more.

I hoped to create that system, what is absolut fair for every player. Yep, this would be an owerall rating score. About the points:

- The "difficulty points" would be the most popular (because this is the easiest to get), so the variants will be more popular than now.
- About the "difficulty points": that format bring more points for you, where the race is bigger. (Bullet is the hardest, etc.)
- I think it is matter, what is your place in the top 200 in a chess format. This is why they get from 1 to 200 points. ("standard points")
- The trophies is important too, so who has a better place (for example 10. place and not 11.) that player will get much more points. (Because it is harder to reach a better trophies.)
- There is a bonus trophie, the Shield. This shield can compensate your points against that players, who has better place. (It is hard to keep it too, so this is why +500 points)
- "Normal chess format's points": Many strong player don't play the variants of chess, and this is the standard format, so to keep in the race these players, these points (only standard- and trophies points, the difficulty points not) will be doubled. *The special trophie, the Shield points won't be doubled.

Well I understand it is hard to create this system on the server, it is difficult a bit, but if many players would like to get a leaderboard of the owerall points, it is good investment.

Well, I am not sure who is the best, because "toivok" is very good too, and the shields can be change the leaderboard. But if this idea will be real, everybody will know what is his / her position in the lichess.

Any idea or opinion?

The idea is nice in general. A few points from me after a ten seconds thought:

-People might be even more encouraged to play a single game a week against a <2000 opponent to stay at the top
-It might be more appropriate to combine it with a tournament where the Top?? players from this list would be participating. This should of course include all variants and makes sure that you actually have to compete against other top players to be the number 1 player. Hard to say if there is any interest from these best players and of course its a lot of effort to do it.
-Hard to say how exactly points should be distributed. Standard chess is of course the "real" chess and should be weighted more but to create a balanced rating is not as easy as one might think.

So in the end it would be very fun to watch such a competition and so it would be nice if it happens. The remaining problem is still the implementation so most probably won't happen :(