What do you want changed in ?

I want a Knockout tournament along with Swiss now. This will be a logical continuation in developing tournaments on Lichess

I also agree with Ricardo Aleixo - being able to filter "my games as white" / "my games as black" in the Opening Explorer would be great!

Regarding tournament set-up:

I don't understand, why "custom start time" is hidden in advanced settings. We use it every time for our club tournaments.

As an additional option, I'd like to suggest "Sofia rule", whuch means that draw offers are forbidden e.g. until move 30. Espacially some kids like to offer an early draw, you can not prevent things like this in online tournaments in an online tournament.

Would it also be possible to select an initial position for tournaments, using FEN? This way, you could do a tournament with a more specific opening variant, or mating with Knight and Bishop.

@DieDameIstWeg I think for that to be possible the tournaments should only be casual. It would be hard to check every possible starting position and make sure it is equal for both sides.

I think the last games of tournaments should be valid. Lots of players don't leave the game, it is too ridiculous.


I think that is no problem since for training purpose unrated games are better anyway. Otherwise there is always a tendency towards playing too quickly among the kids because they want to win (or not lose) on time. Without precious Lichess ELO on the stakes, the incentive to do so is at least reduced.

I love fast pot mortem (or post victory) analysis. Sometimes it is a bit slow. Is it possible to let analysis be calclulated locally?

I propose the realization of an option for the team leaders, which would challenge another team in a direct match. Unlimited number of tables but the obvious, match to start at an equal number of players, the number of players registered by the less numerous team. Only in this way we can create true championships on nations.