themes not working with study

I use extension for customized board and pieces theme. But from today only it seems, it is not working when I work with study. Still it is fine when I play a game. But when I go to study or board I can't simply see the board... any idea?

You have to add the rule for study board into the css file you use on userstyle

I checked with my brother he said it is issue with lichess as till day before yesterday it was working here is what he checked
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anyways to ready lichess modrators ?

Same problem here. My custom board is not displayed in puzzles since some weeks (black background instead).
Has the css ID of the puzzle board changed? I'm not good with css, so any help is appreciated.

This is my userstyle code btw:

.purple .is2d cg-board,
#top div.color_demo.purple
background-image: url("") !important;