Upgrading lichess to scala3

Hi all,

These last 2 weeks I've been very busy migrating the bulk of the lichess source code to a new version of the scala langage.

No less than 44,000 lines of code have changed:

While it doesn't come with immediate new features, think of it as a foundation strengthening move, allowing for long-term maintenance ease, performance, and extensibility.

I think it's now ready to go live, and that's what I'm doing this morning. Expect perturbations as we discover new bugs and push new fixes.

Thanks for your understanding.

Hi, I am a club chess player and coder, found lichess cool and want to help.

If I want to volunteer what kind of skills in coding should I learn? ( I am completely new to coding)

Chess is like coding : you can improve and get better, reach the top 1% and still be amazed by other people's achievements... In chess i'll never get nowhere near Magnus. In coding I'm amazed by @thibault 's skills ! :-)

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