Suggestion : add a keyboard shortcut to play the computer best move in analysis mode

So we can quickly see the idea that stockfish has when offering a move, when doing the analysis.

Currently, the way to do this is to click on the line written in the top right of the screen. Being able to do this by pressing "c" key for computer move for example, would be great.

Have you already tried hitting "space" or do you mean something different?

Damn, this works indeed.

I didn't know about this shortcut, thank you.

#2 is correct - and you can see all shortcuts by pressing '?'.

How do you play the next most common move in the opening explorer, is there a way ?

'?' Doesn't work but I'm on a french keyboard so that may explain it.

My bad, ? works indeed.

So there is no way to play the most common move in the opening explorer from what I can see. Could be a good addition.

Thanks guys for your answers.

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