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I've spent a little time on this site (and using the Android app) and it's absolutely great but one thing I think I'm missing is help pags on how to use it. I don't know what some of the numbers mean (1/2 + 0) or what the different game types are (blitz, bullet), or what the difference between Classical and Correspondance is. Have I missed something obvious?

15+10 for example is the time control of the game. The first number (in this case 15) is the minutes each player have at the start of the game and the second number (in this case 10) is the increment, which is the number of seconds each player will gain after each move.

The game types are:
- Ultrabullet - games that last 15 seconds only (tremendously fast games)
- Bullet - games that last less than 3 minutes but more than 15 seconds (very fast games)
- Blitz - games that last more than 3 minutes but less than 8 minutes (fast games)
- Classical - games that last more than 8 minutes (slow games)
- Correspondence - you have 1 or more days to make a move.


Is there any reason why Correspondence isn't in the same menu as the other types? It's off on it's own somewhere else!

If there would be one lobby for both timed games and correspondence games, the lobby would be too full of challenges, and that's why correspondence challenges are found in a separate lobby.

But on the website, create game lets you start correspondence. It's just in the app where it's separate. Not a big deal, just a bit inconsistent.