Please disable the alternative way of castling

Sometimes, I grab my king BEFORE the opponent moves, expecting a check by him and king move by me. If he doesn't give a check, I may want to play a rook move instead....and when I click on the rook, unintended castling is immediately executed! Please stop this alternative way of casting input (clicking the king and then a rook). Usual way (moving Ke1 to Kg1 etc.) is intuitive enough.

I wonder if it's possible for a userscript to disable this behavior.

You can disable moving by click from your lichess preferences.

No, generally I prefer "Both clicks and drag" way of input, not "Click two squares". Selecting the latter applies to all positions. I just want to avoid unintended castling. It is the only situation where king - rook clickings can mean two things (re-selection of pieces OR castling).

One problem I can think of pertaining to this is Chess960. In a lot of starting positions, you have a rook on a1 and a king on b1, and the only way to castle a-side is to drag your king to the rook, or click the king, then the rook.


Actually this is according to the rules.

FIDE laws:

If a player having the move:
touches his king and a rook he must castle on that side if it is legal to do so



a lot of OTB chess rules don't really apply to online chess, like the touch rule so that law #4.4 isn't really relevant, but of course I see the humour aspect of it if it's intended that way.