People who leave games without resigning

I've seen several threads on this topic and everybody knows it's a major problem. Lichess needs to update their strike system against this. I'll check people games who do this and they just compulsively leave. Lichess needs to be more strict about it. It really irritates me. I get having some leniency. Connection issues and players who are new and unaware about the resign button are a thing. But it's ridiculous.

Is it really that bad? Most of my opponents tend to be decent people.

For me is really bad. But the worst thing is that does not adjudicate the game and you need to wait until the end.

Works fine IMO, i only see it like 1/100 times.

My rating is pretty pleb. So it may just be a problem at my level.

"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time." It's fine, just get over it. Maintain a good sportsmanship.

I have a strong feeling that the problem is much worse in the lower ratings. Could someone confirm this. Those saying it's not a problem may be higher rated. It's really really annoying and wastes a lot of time for me at my lowly rating.

Although I did say that you should maintain a good sportsmanship, I can confirm it's pretty bad down in the lower ratings. They like to quit, and it's annoying. In bullet/blitz, it's not too bad, but in rapid and classical, the number of people who leave in a lost position GOES OFF THE FRIGGIN CHARTS! In classical, many times you get faced against provisional people and they think they can get away :/ REEEEEEEE

While I do not have any solid statistics besides accounts made my other players, it does really seem to be the case that lower rated players have a higher chance of displaying such bad behaviours. The reason for that is obvious in my opinion, namely that they tend to be younger and therefore more immature and not have the same regard for themselves and their opponent since they did not invest much time into the study and training of chess.

I'm possibly even lower rated than @lampworld. IMHO it's not so bad: it happens every now and then to me and you only wait in extremely fast time settings. I'm not sure, but I believe that 5 minutes and over actually get it right and suggest that the opponent left after just a little while. In bullet, well, I can wait 20 seconds to declare it a win.

I even had games where I definitely thought my opponent left only to have him move after a long while.

But ymmv, in 5min and over lately it has rarely happened to me.