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#29 Hm, I guess I'll play more games at different time controls and ask around to try to figure out what's going on, since moderators still haven't responded to this thread...

What about the following?

If a player starts additional games while playing a non-correspondence game and the first game ends in a timeout, then sanction that player.

(This still lets people play multiple games legitimately.)

At around 900-1200 points and 5 min games the problem is real.
People tend to have "connection issues" as soon as they throw away their queen.
Can we just take like 100 points for "claim victory"? That would stop 99% of the people. Maybe with a hint when they come back online.

I once even had a guy going offline at 3 min and trying to sneak a victory at 30 seconds left. Could not claim victory because I was switching games myself as soon as he was offline and came back every other 30 seconds.

Another player reported.
Didn't even go offline, just sat there and ran his clock down lol.

Let's see what happens.

Another one.
He's got that same internet problem. Lost queen = bad connection.
Hopefully internet providers can fix this soon.

Thanks for the report
The moderators will review it very soon, and take appropriate action.
In the meantime, you can block this user: Block L3FTH4NDMANN
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What do you think the moderators will do ?

This needs a better solution. It can't be based on users having to report every single case to the moderators. It happens a lot in 3+2 and 5+3.

So sorry dnan13. Your internet conexion failed just one move before be checkmated. Reported and blocked.

Maybe, some people have wrong expectations. AFAIK:
- You will not be informed, if someone you reported, has been punished
- The punished one will not get a flag like a cheater. He simply cannot play games for a while, noone else sees the reason.

Block is enough for me. I have enough stupids in real life. ;-)