My apologies to the entire lichess community

I would like to extend my apologies to the entire lichess community for using computer assistance. As a new player I had accumulated over 2600 games and it wasn't until recently that I started using assistance. For me, it wasn't about winning or losing. It was about learning. I was also becoming frustrated because I wasn't having any success. I used poor judgment and understand this was unethical. I also understand and I hope everyone else understands that there are better ways for learning the game. There are many tutors and resources online including lichess itself, youtube, twitch, and literature. I personally recommend Eric Rosen and Agadmator's chess channel. To anyone considering using computer assistance understand you will be caught and it just isn't worth it. The lichess platform is amazing and you will lose chess privilages. Again, I sincerely apologize to everyone on lichess.

Close your account and disappear like a normal person

2600 games and you didn't know this wasn't ok? I believe you're told up front, when starting at lichess, that you can't use computers. Well, you can always play against your computer from here on out.

If not encouraging this but;

If you we're using an engine for learning you would have done it in casual games. So I'm not buying this 'I did it to learn' BS.

You apologise out of guilt or so you can have a second account without them banning your IP address. No other reason.

#1 Most players don't learn during or after blitz games.

kctipton, I don't recall specifically when I started. Probably accumulated 2500 games before I used assistance in a game. The lichess methods catch on rather quickly. Regardless, it was wrong and I apologize. I am hoping others can learn from my experience.

rickrenegade I appreciate your comments. If you look in my profile I almost never play in casual games. Without looking at my profile i'd bet 99% of my games were rated. I don't know why. Purely out of habit I guess. Either way, casual or rated, using assistance is unethical and would be caught by the lichess algorithm. This has nothing to do with lichess banning my IP. I had previous conversations with lichess and we had come to an understanding. Am I apologizing in a public manner out of guilt? Perhaps, but I'd say more out of a place of regret and respect. Again, my apologies.