Lichess should improve its rating statistics and computer analysis system!

@AcademicNinja99 indeed, I've analyzed almost all my games here on Lichess, and many games I won, I could have lost them but I won them because the opponents didn't notice my mistakes. Just because you won, doesn't mean all your moves were flawless. And besides, the entire point with Stockfish analysis, is to improve your skills, like a typical move you always do, Stockfish shows it's not the most optimal move in that particular situation, and so on.

If you need more analysis play classical. Longer games, more in depth analysis, less obvious mistakes.

@chesslegendmaster I do play classical, but it takes too long, and a lot of the time you feel like playing quick matches when you're in a rush or something. Classical is very tedious, studying the board for like up to an hour, with barely any activity. Also bullet is great practice.

@EliasAlucard "The second request I'd like to see implemented here, is more details in the ratings statistics. Over at, they actually show how many global players there are in blitz, rapid and so on (like your position being #500,000 out of 3 million players)"

This is also shown here

"they even show ratings statistics for correspondence, which isn't shown here"

I agree, I also posted about this the other day. Hope they install it

I usually play bullet (and other faster modes too), but if you want a good analysis, it's better to go for the longer games. I usually only analyze against stockfish correspondence. You don't need more bullet game analysis, and if you don't analyze moves that take a long time to make, then you're not really learning as much. Plus, unless you're preparing for some kind of tournament, most people usually don't use more than 25 stockfish analysis' per day.

I tryed just a little, I find it ugly in almost any aspect (the no pay version). One thing i noticed about ELO ratings is that they are lower there, about 2-3 hundred points, I guess. Maybe their algorythm if better tuned? But I don't have a comparison with "real" chess rating.

I understand your points (unlimited analysis for patrons) but the problem is then it would start to be similar to ... then someone comes another idea, this and that should be for only patrons .... And there you have a paid to play online game, not what lichess was meant to be.

Everything is free for everyone, or nothing.

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