Difficulty Setting For Tactics

As it is set up now, the tactics trainer gives you puzzles at a strength that goes up, or goes down according to your puzzle rating.

The way I see this is like a workout routine, lets imagine that it is lifting weights.

Imagine you start lifting weights. Then you suddenly must increase the weight load the better you do. So if you can bench 200 pounds very good you get bumped up to 210... 220... 230... all the way on up to 400 pounds when it's painfully hard to lift it when you would do better with more reps at a lower weight.

It would be nice to be able to set tactics trainer up in the following way to do different puzzles at a different strength.

A slider bar like your opponent rating bar that you pick, but for puzzle strength. So I could pick randomly a puzzle between 800 and 2900 if I wanted. Or pick only puzzles from say 1500-2500 or 800-1200 if I want easy ones or 2500-2900 if I only want hard ones... The way it's setup now it's like it picks the strength of the puzzles for you which I dislike. I want to be able to set that difficulty setting myself and not rely on the computer to automatically pick the settings it wants for me.

I can pick what difficulty I want against human players.
I can pick what difficulty I want against an engine.
Why can't I pick puzzle difficulty?

I would highly appreciate this too. Like with workouts, sometimes it's healthier to lift easy weights to warm up.

I agree on that post, would be more fun if one can pick the difficulty of the training session on puzzles.

where can you set opponent difficulty? i didn’t know that was an option.

@wideEyedPupil - What???
How can one not see it? I do not understand how to avoid this option ... It is almost as though someone posted here they didn't know they can play chess on Lichess ...
When you click on "create a game" - there are slidebars, aren't there?

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