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#9 OTB There are rules, presumably because a) note-taking could distract the opponent and b) spectators could read the notes and cough or otherwise find ways to signal the player.

Online there are so many other potential avenues for cheating that b) isn't really a concern; and a) doesn't distract the opponent.

Curious during otb tournament can you note sidelines you were thinking of but didn't play like move 25. say i played d6 but i was also thinking of 25. some other line that i chose not to play.. is that allowed?

No, it's not allowed. Wesley So was disqualified for writing down things like "Watch your time".

What if you have really bad handwriting and they can't tell what you're writing? Then can you write sidelines you were thinking of? :-D

Given there's already a "Notes" tab, I think it's fair to say that note-taking is permitted on lichess.

Good idea! Players can send chat messages to the spectators on FICS/ICC also. It is useful in educational games when a higher rated player commenting hes own thinking to the crowd.
This is similar to streamers (penguin etc.) commenting while playing on twich, just in written form using only lichess chat.

Wait as Magnus is chased by 2000+ spectators. *unclicks spectators chat

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