Analyzing games: ask for computer analysis


After finishing a game, if I go to Computer analysis, under the board, left, it seems that I request a cloud analysis. And in fact, my CPU does not get the 100% as it does when I go to analylise the game via the right panel, move to move.

Is it possible to analyse the whole game (so I can get the number of innacuracies, mistakes, blunders, and the histogram) using MY CPU instead the CLOUD?

My computer is powerfull enough to have a good analysis, and I don't think it is necessary to offload the work to the Lichess server, saving computer power to Lichess organisation.

"Furthermore, since the evaluations are run on lichess servers, they can be trusted and help with cheat detection. And, once someone requests a server analysis, it becomes available for everyone to learn from" <<<< Taken from a blog written by thibault in 2017 .

Here is another post from another thread on a similar subject which outlines how to get a local analysis. The whole thread may be valuable to your question.

Maybe you can take that suggestion and see just how fast you can do a local analysis ? It may or may not be faster than what you are getting from the lichess network.

Thank you very much for the explanation. Now I understand that analysing a game makes it much more public, as the analysis are kept, and that's why Lichess try to ensure that all the analysis are run more or less to the same depth, or at least, with a minimal requeriments.

About making local analysis: I already do that for my OTB games. Even further, I have modified an annotator (don't remember which, it was a GPL2 source I found in the web, and adapted it to be ran in batch, and to extract similar stats than those shown by Licess Cloud (imprecissions, mistakes, blunders, etc., even I could generate a graph.

But what I miss is to navigate throught the moves and their analysis, showing the arrows with a different size depending the difference of evaluation of each line. I hacked a bit SCID, but I am not familiar with TCL, and the maximum I have been able to do is to show the 4 variations in different colors depending if it is the best, the second best, ..., or played move was not considered by the engine.

Just wanted a similar interface than Lichess for such kind of navigation.

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