Win Quitters/Etiquette

I have played on multiple online chess sites over the last 15 years and lichess honestly has by FAR the highest % of people who quit after a win.

I always used to think this was bad etiquette, so have the times (and manners) of the game slipped so much in the internet era or is it just something which happens more here?

IDK why some people dont rematch.

As a general rule; I try and play best of 3 at least with anyone.

The only time I dont rematch is when someone is a jack and intentionally lets time expire or other such shenanigans.

I think its a bit less streamlined for users playing on a phone, depending on your ios.

I dont really mind when someone I beat doesnt want to play again; but when I get utterly smashed and they decline a rematch...I'm like...why? You destroyed me and I want more....WHY YOU RUNNIN

This site has probably the highest quote of deserve-a-rematch demanders.

No. No. No. Adjust your fairness antenna. You're a small minority in fact and -in contrast to chess- your minority attacks are in vain.

Enforcing your ideal of fairness / etiquette is bothering the majority of players. So who bothers who?

I don't even know why this seems to be such an important issue for some people. You're playing against an anonymous internet person either way, why care much about whether it's Anon A or Anon B?
Even if the nickname of Anon A stays with you, they could have swapped places with their brother/sister/dog/whatever between games for all that you know.

If you can't bear the fact that you do sometimes lose games with no way to make up for it, you are the one who should rethink your attitude towards the game, not them.

Do you consider it impolite to refuse move takebacks as well?
Chess simply doesn't favor retraction.

I never accept a rematch and anyone who requests one is probably an asshole.

I accept at least one rematch most of the time.

#5 - Therein lies the issue. Because it's anonymous, people's idea of being a decent person is totally removed? That's ridiculous and to then suggest someone who is trying to be more civil by offering rematches is being uptight is simply an example of someone demonstrating the same problem.

If someone asks me for a takeback on an obvious mouseslip, sure I give it.
I offer a rematch if I win because I'd like the other person to feel that had a chance to return the favour.
For too many people, hanging on to the 10 rating points from an online chess room seems more important than not being a douche. That's pretty sad and suggests a lack of perspective on just how important that is in their life.

Yeah I mean you have no idea what those people are going to do after the game or how many games they've played. Maybe they have other stuff to do than to play more chess. Or maybe if they've smashed you, maybe they want to look for someone else who will provide them a more interesting game. I really don't see why people complain about this nonsense.