Why Play Online?

@Eleuthero how is your club dealing with covid, if they're still meeting.........

i'm so into online chess now, as opposed to otb, if i saw a real human chess guy...........i'd just stop and gawk.


Actually, my club hasn't met for two months and I don't see us meeting again until autumn. It's a damned shame because it's a good club where all 10 guys are around the same strength (2000 plus or minus 100 points) so the games are very competitive.

I miss the camaraderie, too. All 10 of the guys are good people so we get into great conversations sometimes at the expense of what we're doing on the board but that's okay. They enjoy the game but they don't take it so seriously that bickering breaks out. I think in the last year I've only seen 1 argument during a post mortem. Otherwise it's just good vibes. I feel lucky because a lot of towns have absolutely no chess activity at all. I think the proximity of Arizona State University creates interest.

In my case, we meet in a chess club once a month, where we are usually gathered by 10 people and we play 2 games each with each other. These are chess games with a 5-minute time control. This chess club is 15 km away from my home. That’s why I play chess at lichess.

Hello, I too am in the case I am in a chess club, like all of you, normally.
My brother is a great master. but are the rules of the coronavirus to be observed, in my case, yes. But in yours?
There is also respecting distances, putting hydroalcoolique gel. In short...
So, what about you @SLOw-Lion ?

In my case, at the time of the coronavirus epidemic, I was not playing chess at the club, but only online. When we met again at the club at the end of May, one of the chess players asked me in amazement where I had been training throughout the epidemic. He also said that I play better now than before the epidemic :)

So I can draw the following realization from this: playing chess online improves playing chess “live”, OTB.

The difference between playing online and over the board is that over the board has its limits.
We want to get out of confinement, but we convince our selves to stay online.
Both online and OTB has two choices, we can take it or leave it.
For 2020, the next time there are chess pairings, let's make the standing list in alphabetical order and then by rating.
A chess game without a smile is a waste of time: I miss the OTB smiles...

Another two choices: Stay active and have fun OTB or sit still while playing online.

If OTB is genuine chess, what is online chess ?

I think that people kind of skewed from the original point I was trying to make ... which isn't necessarily the difference between OTB and Online play, rather, the difference between Online play (Human vs Human, as opposed to Human vs Computer).

I'm saying - why bother with playing online against 'human' opponents, when (in my experience):

1.) There is rarely any opponent interaction
2.) The interactions that do happen are rarely positive - and any show of sportsmanship is far and few between.
3.) You are set to gain more playing against a computer than a human opponent

I'm making the argument, where does the enjoyment of playing against a 'human' come in, when there is nothing to justify the human interaction/opponent.

@DrossiblyPunk i much prefer human players. you're playing another person. against computers -------- what's the point? it would be like running a race against a motorized vehicle. you can tell it to only go as fast as you, and then at the end you pull ahead and win. or you can tell it to go 50mph, and you'll simply never catch it. you could tell it, ok, let me win. so 10 feet from the finish line, the vehicle stops. you catch up. you win. wow.........what fun. or you can tell it to always go slower than you. at the end you win.

that's what it's like to play against a computer. lotta fun, right? it's not unlike captchas, except those ARE

but i think silicon monsters are great to use in analysis....

I get the interaction I want listening to and talking Chessmovish. It's the language we all understand! And it is like a reverse turing test, both players win that can see they are human.

Plus it looks like nobody mentioned the argument "any amount of players of your own strength around always", yet.
But real otb is still the best.