Why Play Online?

I completely give up chessboard and pieces since about 20 years ago when I had chess engines in my laptop.( Inactive for > 10 years until I play again). Now I play online only.

Computer saved a lot of time in setting up board, moving pieces etc. And a thousand times faster in analysis with very high accuracy.

The OTB Socialization Cohesion and our behavior is not improved by only playing online.
The OTB socialization behavior is similar to walking with a friend and online chess is similar to driving in a car.
The environment changes everything. There would be less cheaters if we played OTB or if we walked.
Comments are easily said in cars. Probably as easy as the chats we have online.
My guess is we say things in cars and online that we would probably never say face to face to a person.
It's that social exposure that makes all the difference.

People will never have the same experiences online as OTB.
The chessmoves might be the same, but the 3d view is not and the social experience is going to be different too.

Why do you think chess players respond differently online, then when they are playing OTB? For me it's like a person putting on safety equipment when at work and taking it off when at home. Not the same environment or social work buddies or home friends.

We behave differently in front of every person, because we can adapt to change. So let's now adapt OTB to online chess and online chess to OTB. Combine the two. Brain storm an idea like the Chess-Park idea and work up a new chess environment out side away from you home. A home can become a prison, if you don't get out to play.

People cheat over the board as well (the hidden phione...)
People are rude over the board as well, occasionally even leading to fistfights.

There must be another way to stop exhaling covid-19 droplets over the tables. A mouth pieces or face shield is a bit much, especially if you want to drink or eat. Bars & restaurants are starting to open. All that's needed is a checkered table napkin., and use a pen to say where your pieces are going. Scribble scribble... or Play blindfold chess.

If you can eat at a restaurant or go drink at a bar, then why not put two tablets on a table and play online. That's going to be very similar to OTB. I don't think the player in front of you is going to cheat right in front of your eyes. They cheat like thieves, when nobody sees them.

@Toscani i'd definitely be up for tablets, you're sitting separated by.... whatever - 10 feet? facing wherever, and you play. is this allowed in ucsf or fide? they can't possibly be having chess players playing as normal, otb. you'll end up like novak djokovic. (that is the #1 tennis player in the world, not some GM, lol. he just held a tournament in which everyone mingled w each other. now he's covid positive, and a handful of other schmucks.)

why not .. its cheaper, faster. Play in the comfort of your own home, no traveling, no human interactions

My local chess club meets weekly in Arizona. A feature of OTB chess rather than online is that you're facing a given opponent frequently so your "surprise" opening won't be a surprise in a few weeks because your opponent will book up on it. In online chess you can use your surprise opening all the time because you usually don't see the same opponent again for months.

It's good for your game to be forced to develop several defenses to the main white openings. So, for example, against 1 e4 I play the Nimzowitsch Defense, the Caro Kann, and the Classical Sicilian. Thus, the foes I face each week in my club can't just focus in on any one defense. Also, playing a wide variety of openings keeps you from getting stale. I don't know how people can keep up their interest if they, for example, play the French Defense for 20 years. Different strokes for different folks!!

Though, you don't accept new personal messages. So it seems that the game itself is the main goal -even for you- when you come on this website; which is understandable. Hope to play with you soon !