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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Why if we have U2000 marathon blitz

Under 2000 players cant win in some marathon tourney because of the titled players do you think it will be nice if someday lichess will have U2000 marathon for us who cant reach 2000 have chance to have a trophy in our wall.

Trophies on this site are meaningless. You should play to be the best version of yourself.

@JuanLuna I agree with you, it would be a big motivation to U2000 players to win something

Really great bro,s thanks for your comments

and u 1500s? I think it will never happen. I asked 3 weeks ago for 1500 bullet arenas. (or at least u2000, in the regular tournemants). I dont think somebody is interested in to make this working, cause the fields in the tournaments split up. and then they have just 100 people playing in a marathon.

sry for my bad engl.

Yes,would be interesting a marathon U2000.
I would try to win it: p

i think here can be the problem of 2200-2300 players who want win in the marathon, they'll lose their ratings before it , join and win the tourn

In my opinion its a bad idea. The comment above me summed it up pretty good.

I would like a under 2149 tournament as I could be the highest rated. Even better would be limiting it to one where people with one of the 5 most popular names could enter. Instead of making it easier to win tournaments, improve and deserve the prize.

2001 player would artificially decrease their ratings in order to compete. People would be reporting them causing the site to flood with mods tickets. People in chat would be spamming weak af troll attempts. Sounds like it could be potentially chaotic. I kinda like the idea.

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