Why do you decline take backs ?

I almost play exclusively in ultra bullet, takebacks make no sense in that time control, they are part of the game.

It's one of the first behavioral lessons I was taught in chess: Don't ever take back a move. Maybe it was the first. Chess loses too much if you play with takeback.

Fun fact: Qd4+ in that one example game wasn't even a mouseslip - just a blunder in an already lost position.

Own up to your own mistakes, don't put the burden to fix them onto your opponent.

I generally don't deny takebacks. But if I was going to deny, it would be if the person realizes a play that would cost them the game after I've played or after some time has passed.

Generally, I accept takebacks because a lot of the time, I make very very basic dragging errors. The number of tap errors I've made is innumerable and I know that that's what the person could have made and I don't really like playing a game handicapped.


So you should change your tapping.

Play no bullet, reduce blitz, play rapid and classical without engine. That's the only was to bet better.

I know you didn't ask for that. Why is there no server for engine users and takebackers?

I'll only do it if it is very very obviously a misclick. The most common one I'd accept is if someone moves their king a single space when there was an obvious castling move possible - I think that's a very clear misclick and it doesn't seem to give anyone an advantage in playing on. There may be a few other circumstances as well eg when there's an obvious capture but my opponent's piece stops one short of my piece.

I'd never do it if the player has just made a stupid mistake; that's the game.

How to stop dragging errors: click the start point, then click the end point.

takeback because of obvious error ... you can do that when playing with your grandson... but not in a real match... own missclick .. bad luck ... game given away ... resign ... start new game ...missclick opponent ... bad luck for him .. game goes on