Why did my opponent get a win when he had only King + Bishop?

My latest game I ran out of time where I had K + B + 4 pawns, and my opponent had only King and his light-squared Bishop... is it not impossible to deliver checkmate with only the King and the Bishop? Should this not have ended in a draw, even though I was the one who ran out of time?

Say White has the K and a light squared bishop. Put the Black King on a8, and promote a Black pawn to a dark squared bishop. Put the White K on a6 and the Bishop on c6, and the promoted Black bishop on b8. Checkmate. If you can create a checkmate by any series of moves, not matter how illogical, you lose. a player once lost R+K vs K+N because he ran out of time. I'll leave it to you to create the mate with the N.

The R+K vs N+K was in an international FIDE OTB tournament, BTW.

Where do you draw the line having a single lightpiece?

Piece vs. piece is admittedly a likely draw (but remember: if the million monkeys play infinitely...). If one party has more material „smothered-type“ mates are more likely. Even in the Megabase you‘ll find single piece wins.

This „helpmate-minus-1“ complicated matters in the past.

So this (FIDE, playchess, lichess) is the lessest evil.

This is annoying especially in games on low time. Because the opponent can play on time even if the position is a draw. For example bishop pawn and king against bishop and a king (both bishops are lightsquared)

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Draw by insufficient material.
Complain to us and we will explain what this rule actually is to you.

Let me tell you a secret: if you cannot stand playing chess without increments then you can play with increments. No prob.

PS: case #8 has nothing to do with the „new“ rule. This has always been that way, you can try to flag your opponent in non-winnable positions. Online and offline. Remedy: INCREMENT!