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  3. White against 2...e6 Sicillian

I've always had trouble playing anything mainline against 2...e6 Sicillians so have tended to avoid the issues by playing 3.g3 or other offbeat moves. Now I want to cure my weakness and learn how to handle these positions with white.

What do you recommend for modern learning resources for playing against e6 Sicillians with white? I'm willing to get books, videos etc. Preferably something that explains the ideas rather than gives lines.


3.g3 is state-of-the-art. Besides 3.Qe2 you can play the open Sicilian or KIA or 3.b3.

Everything is ok for both - I have used this all with both colors. Chess is concrete - there‘s hard work waiting for you.

I want to play open Sicilian against 2...e6 . I'm looking for ideas for what the recommended learning material is for that.

In Kan variation black has difficulty to develope his bishop on c8 so you must avoid ...d5. Maroczy wall with e4 and c4 pawn can be an idea but pay attention to double pawns on your c file.RJF after4....Nc5 played 5.Nb5 where can follow ...d6 and here you can play c4 (probably the best)or Bf4(RJF move) or my crazy move Bg5 where queen cannot play bishop due to Nc7.

It‘s impossible to cover kilotons of open Sicilian theory in less than some millions of text symbols.

By the way, which one of dozen possible complex lines after 2. ... e6? Black can play virtually everything including Scheveninger.

I think specifically against the Tiamanov and the annoying lines where black plays Bb4 early on.

Lots of good books, lots of work for you though eg:

Dismantling the Sicilian (Illingworth)
Attacking the flexible Sicilian (Kotronias)
Playing 1.e4 Sicilian Main Lines (Shaw)

The Kotronias book is only about 2...e6 systems and is arguably the most advanced (probably too much for your needs). Shaw and Illingworth are good and try to provide a repertoire against the whole open Sicilian. Each have their pros and cons but note that Shaw and Kotronias recommend 5.c4 v the Kan whereas Illingworth recommends 5.Nc3 as easier to play (he is probably right).

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