What to do in Marozy Bind (black) ?

Having some trouble finding instructional videos or book stuff on plans for black. It seems black got some queenside stuff ...a6 ...b5, possibly ...f5 too, also saw ...Nd7-Nc5 idea, but then what? I tend to get white players putting knight on d5 and I feel like I’m getting choked. White also has tactics against e7 and b6 often.

I'm one of the rare few who doesn't mind playing against the Maroczy Bind. I like to trade the dark square bishops and the queens, leaving white with a very bad light square bishop. I don't play the Sicilian, but I play the Benoni/Benko and often get into a Maroczy structure by transposition. Below are some examples from my tournament games:

NM Justin Liang - FM jposthuma

Akash Narayanan - FM jposthuma

Great stuff, great post. Thanks for the resource!

I was just actually looking at this question the past few days.

Just what I needed.

I think the bind is somewhat overrated, I struggle to win with White. By the way, a standard plan for white is to keep the bishops after Nd7 with Be3(!) or Bf2. Believe it or not!

Getting these trades is black's dream but white has way better options: Nc2 to avoid the knight trade or be3 to avoid the bishop exchange as @Sarg0n mentioned.

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