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  3. What good is a time advantage in 5-0

I played this game:
I'm not proud. I blundered with a huge time advantage thinking
my opponent probably had mate in 15 or something and only 7.0 seconds left. After a few moves his clock just sat at 7.0, so I resigned rather than play against someone time doesn't appy to. I read here that in the cyberworld zero time is possible. OK. So what real good was my huge time advantage? If is it possible for one side to make so many more moves in the same real timeframe, shouldn't it be called something other than 5-0? Is this the equivalent of superior hand-eye coordination over the board?

Your opponent is pre-moving - moving the piece while it is still his opponent's turn. If you do this, the move (unless your opponent's move makes it illegal) will process immediately upon your opponent moving, and no time will be lost.

The flip side to this of course is that if your opponent does something you don't expect, a blunder is more likely to happen.

1) Fairplay. We play blitz to skip the technical part of the game, i.e. when it's over, resign.
2) The rook endgame was not lost. If you spend some of your extra time thinking about a solution on the board, you find that 50.Rd5! draws (as far as I can see) :
50...Rh6 goes nowhere after 46.Rd3 Rc6 47.Rd5
50...Rc7 51.Rb5 Rh7 52.Rb3 Rf7 (threatening 53.Rb5?? Rf5-+) 53.Kc1! Rf3 54.Rb5 Rxg3 55.Kd2 Rf3 56.Ke2 Rf6 57.Rb1! Kg3 58.Rg1+ Kh2 59.Rf1! and now exchanging rooks leads a drawn K+P endgame. Black must move his rook, and White will play Kf3 to block Black's king in the corner. Black can make no progress. Quite a good use of extra thinking time, isn't it ?

The fact that it is an h-pawn explains this exception to the "rule of five" when the defending king is cut off from the column of the pawn.

Thank-you very much for that.
The idea of guessing with a premove
reminds me of double-exposure blackjack.
I'll adjust my thinking: end-game-jack.

Pre-moving has been an integral part of online chess from the very beginning, say 20 years. How do you think bullet works?

I can understand you, I don‘t play bullet. So instead of abandoning online chess: playing with longer periods (blitz, rapid) or increment?

(The problem with „increment“ according to my experience: people wanna „flag“ others, so no increment is useful. But people don’t wanna be flagged themselves so they need increment. How do you know before?)

Bullet works just fine on ICC and FICS too, where the minimum move time is 0.1 seconds. 0 seconds is like not only making your move before your opponent presses the clock but also holding the clock down so he can't press it.

Good point. It only looks and smells like 5-0 if the clock can freeze.

the key to flagging lost positions in 0 inc is to not get into a situation where your opponent can 100% premove the rest of the game. just had to avoid that rook trade at any cost

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