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Well, you might imagine my thoughts to those rules. I acctually only read the movement rules for the new types of figures. You could add the rules for pawn movement in general and especcially en-passent. There are a lot of possibilities on how you wanted that to happen (even through some are very unlikely)

btw: I always think that the C stands for crusader not for cardinal

I think I fixed the bugs :) Now let's play !

(Yes I'll need to clarify some rules, I'll do that soon).

Yes I know this game was played badly by me. The problem is that I gained a rock on b8 somewhere in the fifth move. I am quite sure that it was gone after Qxb7 and not mistakenly left on the board. Good luck in finding this bug.


[Site ""]
[Variant "Atomic"]
[Date "2018-12-3"]
[White "Computer"]
[Black "Myself"]
[Fen "brqkrnnb/pppppppp/8/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/RKRBBNNQ"]
[Result "0-1"]

1.Nf3 g5 2.Ne5 d6 3.g3 b5 4.Qb7 Qxb7 5.f3 dxe5 6.c3 b4 7.e3 c5 8.Ba4 Kc7 9.Bxe8 bxc3 10.b4 Bxa1 0-1

1.g1f3 g7g5 2.f3e5 d7d6 3.g2g3 b7b5 4.h1b7 c8b7 5.f2f3 d6e5 6.c2c3 b5b4 7.e2e3 c7c5 8.d1a4 d8c7 9.a4e8 b4c3 10.b2b4 h8a1 0-1

Thanks ! I reproduced the bug using your report. I can guess it's a wrong large castle which was done after the rook was exploded. Will be fixed soon (actually I thought I took this case into account :/ apparently not... sorry).

EDIT: Ok bug fixed =)

Looking at the problems that seem to come with castling I wonder wether it is possible to castle a promoted rock and a promoted king in extension (or a king and a rock in crazyhouse). I am not sure about the rules anyway and it is highly hypotetically. What do you think?

Edit: Probably I should ask about Loser aswell, but I never liked this kind of concept and it is the only variant I did not even try.

Castling is not possible with transformed pieces, no. As in orthodox chess a promoted rook cannot castle (I never tried that but I'm pretty sure it's impossible ^^). And castling is not available in loser variant since the king is a normal piece.

Some improvements achieved, for example it's possible to navigate in a game after it's over. And I fixed some bugs here and there in some variants. But the website essentially lacks players :/ and the rare times when I see someone online he plays against bots, not launching human games.

960bot is nice

gl anyway:)

You could help my luck by playing on the website against humans ^^
(Yes I know there are very few people online. But there has to be a beginning :/ If nobody stays online because nobody is online, nobody will never be online and the website will never work ;o) )

About the bot thanks, but it's really just a very basic bot, not designed to play well (and in most variants it does not). It's here to help learning the rules before playing human opponents. (Yes, I know... :/ )

In this game of atomic the win is only achived after some moves after ent passent removed the white king. (In humen games that should not be relevant.)

[Site ""]
[Variant "Atomic"]
[Date "2018-12-09"]
[White "Computer"]
[Black "Myself"]
[FenStart "rqknbrnb/pppppppp/8/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/RNKQNRBB"]
[Fen "2k1b3/1ppp3p/8/2P5/4P2P/8/1r4P1/7B 0000"]
[Result "0-1"]

1.e4 Nc6 2.Qg4 f5 3.Qxg7 Nb4 4.c3 Nxa2 5.h4 a5 6.Kb1 Qa7 7.Bh2 e5 8.Rg1 Qxf2 9.Ka2 a4 10.d4 Ra6 11.c4 Rb6 12.b4 axb3 13.dxe5 f4 14.Bxf4 Rb1 15.c5 Rb2

1.e2e4 d8c6 2.d1g4 f7f5 3.g4g7 c6b4 4.c2c3 b4a2 5.h2h4 a7a5 6.c1b1 b8a7 7.g1h2 e7e5 8.f1g1 a7f2 9.b1a2 a5a4 10.d2d4 a8a6 11.c3c4 a6b6 12.b2b4 a4b3 13.d4e5 f5f4 14.h2f4 b6b1 15.c4c5 b1b2