the biggest team battle evvvveeerrrrrr

As you may know, the maximum number of teams in a team battle has recently been raised to 200. However, since this feature is new it still needs to be tested with a big tournament. To that end, we're going to try and organize an absolutely GIGANTIC team battle on Friday at 19:00 UTC, hopefully with the full 200 team limit playing.

If this event goes well, you may see more of them, even things like team marathons may be possible. If you're interested in playing, please post your team name in this thread with a team leader account and we may let you join the event. We will be choosing teams that are as large as possible and have a history of large participation in tournaments, either team battles or intra-team tournaments.

Please only apply to play if you are sure you can get at least 4 players to play in the event.
Lets go for the biggest team battle!

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