Thanks Lichess for Putting the "Libre" in Chess.

I joined and Lichess at the same time. allowed me to analyze one game before locking the analysis board behind a subscription fee. Lichess' business model is much better for chess players and I am thankful to the people who make this site possible.
You know how the old saying goes... "“If you are not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product!”

o wait. nvm.
@MrPushwood said in #5:
> I'm waiting for them to put some Cuba Libres in chess!

Already there. Every Friday night.
@Aaravsharma2012 said in #8:
> what does libre even mean???

It means "free" in French. The English word "free" has two meanings: "free" as in "free speech" (implying freedom to do with the software anything you want) and "free of charge" (i.e. gratis). The FOSS people want to emphasize that their software is free as in "free speech", but not necessarily free of charge. That's why they often prefer the French word "libre", which does not have this ambiguous meaning.