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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Teaching chess to 5 and 8 year old kids ?

It is easy to motivate a 5 year old who has not chess knowledge into learning it. But when they realize the complexity of the rules is way too far from their capacity, and it will take too long before they can actually play a game, this motivation is totally lost, because they feel like they are not smart at all.

However, the chess basics page in Lichess came in as the perfect solution for my kids:

My 8 year old girl is already solving basic mate-in-6 problems from the practice page:

What are your experiences ? Is she a genius ?

PS: Many of us want ratings for their long games, but we need your vote, please -

Lol I have lost to quite a few 8 year olds with lower ratings OTB. Your girl is probably on a path to greatness.

@PatzerGareBear13 , wow but I guess those were blitz games, and they were boys right?

I see in USCF ratings that best 8 year old boy has 2012 rating but best 8 year old girl has 1544.

We all started like her, we was somehow was motivated after we lost so many games. I think she is in the right path.

It will be hard to her to love this game, but when she do like it, she can be one of the greatest girls in the world.

Well thats because girls are weaker then boys (Not thier fault, because there is like 100 times more boys then girls) @EvilChess

Yes sure, some male brain differences are favorable for the chess game, and girls aren't taught it so frequently. Added to that, boy's brains probably develop those areas in a earlier age than girls. Girls seem to catch up a bit after puberty.


Maybe that could be of an interest for you =>

Have a nice day.

Thanks @Gaby_Groseille , but the 3 year olds in the video were all boys. And I don't live in US anyway :-) to OP's PS - an X-tra two time controls are what we want!!

You're welcome @EvilChess .

Well, maybe you could contact him and ask him a few questions.
Maybe he will have the time to answer you, who knows?

And by the way, there are girls in the video.

Have a nice day.