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Thibault and the LiChess Developers also gave us Zen mode. (As in: No distractions.)

That said ... there is NO OBLIGATION to respond to a takeback request. The game does not stop. If some idiot doesn't want to move because s/he didn't get an affirmative response to a takeback request, then, let the idiot time-out. And then let the idiot come and complain here, and then let the idiot be skewered.

You may not like my tact, but, the OP's behavior is as equally obtuse in coming to an Internet forum to whine and complain about lack of basic comprehension; that of seeking sympathy for one's own stupidity. I can't help or fix that. (I find the OP's behavior offensive. First let a game time-out, then come and complain about it. No reason to treat anyone other than they way they show and expect treatment from others.)

Alright- Area didn't know that Natalie wasn't in the wrong. He now knows and will probably understand and accept it as a decline. I understand.

With Area's rating and time spent playing, it's hard to believe Area doesn't know better already. I have no sympathy for this kind of person. Period. (My tact is as skewed as the OP's question -- nothing more, nothing less.)

They also provided the resign button. There was 3 minutes on the clock.

Yet another poor takebeggar.

Honestly, when I posted this I was not complaining, I was simply asking for feedback. I did forget about zen mode (I personally never use it), so overlooked that perhaps Natalie might not have received my request. However, I think I just might understand... Thank you all for your kind feedback. ***Not a troll post, not meant to ignite any chaos.

It would be nice if zen mode instantly rejected takeback requests instead of leaving the opponent hoping and worrying.

In the Old West, people asking for take-back were properly punished with tar and feathers.

@#17 @Allonautilus
Yes, that's true! @thibault , can you look into this please?


Honestly, I stand by my words. (What I really mean to say is: Continuing to seek sympathy by playing dumb, claiming not to know better, AFTER it has been pointed out that due to your rating and experience you should know better, and, thus, distracting from the point that 3-minutes and 17-seconds passed ... waiting, when your opponent had less time, is exactly the kind of offense which should result in a red-flag or ban. No excuses or exceptions. Nobody likes being called dumb, or stupid, because that's an offensive insult. So, don't act like this unless you want or expect this kind of treatment outright. Treat other people the way you want to be treated. Take responsibility for your actions.)

While contemplating (yesterday), my words, I thought of another scenario:

Where a move is made after receiving a takeback request. This directly implies an "no" response to the takeback request. (Too late, even if there was barely enough time to act upon receipt.)

In my experience, sometimes I have waited for someone (of much lower rating) to see if a takeback request is issued after a bad move. (Where I may have been in a magnanimous mood.)

In the rare instances I've received a takeback request (and most often declined, or simply moved as an implicit declination), it has mostly to do with an equally or higher rated player, or that I moved faster than receiving the request, thus unable to act upon it, already having moved forward and capitalized on a bad move.

If someone offers me a free queen, I'm going to take it. Time has passed (almost instantly if I see or anticipate this).

As a matter of policy: I never request takebacks. I'm an idiot. I'm not a good chess player. I know, understand and accept this. I also know, understand and accept the fact that sometimes I'm going to have a mouse-slip, and, thus, if I'm in a foul mood, instead of playing on, I'll simply hit resign, due to my own mistake.

A while back, my good, wired mouse died. It was causing me issues for a few days. I tried cleaning it, and, it was still misbehaving. Thereafter, I pulled-out an old wireless mouse run on batteries. Those batteries are going to die. It could result in a mouse-slip. Do I come here to the forum to complain about it, or do I simply accept it as fact of life? (A fact of life I chose to indulge.)

That's the kind of attitude you should have. Not one of seeking sympathy or understanding after-the-fact. Suck it up. Be human. Understand mistakes happen. Move forward. Enjoy the game. Don't have poor sportsmanship. (Don't sit there and let your clock time-out, as an active player, waiting or begging for a take-back. Nobody cares. You make yourself look the fool by coming here to the forums to post about something you had control over, if nothing else: Simply resigning because you made a mistake.)

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