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Stockfish was no match for my positional play.

And it was in this position that Stockfish decided to resign the game. - agadmator

Lol, looks like a rage quit to me.

Probably it was not the dried cod but the Lichess code using SF.

Omg that was the best think I have ever seen congratulations

I think stockfish just realized it was a waste of time to play after you took back so many moves.

Stockfish resigns even if it's not losing. If the game is over 150 moves, SF resigns. 151 move rule and stockfish always resigns no matter if its winning with mate in 1:D or is losing.

@ IM opperwezen
Really cool game you posted there. :)

Now I know why CrazyAra learnt this behaviour in Crazyhouse "endgames".
I think a lot of humans do this in casual matches.

10s/40 moves [CrazyAra (RawNetworkPolicy) - Sf 9 (1 thread, 32mb hash)]

;p it was a challenge i got to get mate in 1 for the opponent on move 151 so i had to create a mate net with my owne pieces and king on c8

interesting to know a comp really taking a technique over

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