Started playing chess late

Hey everyone, I was wondering what chess achievements i can still reach as I am currently 23 years old and I started playing chess 1 year ago. Since then i got my rating on lichess in blitz up to 1600 and in rapid to 1700. I always play the queens gambit and the french defense and i was wondering to what i can realistically get my lichess rating, especially in rapid as i prefer the slower games. I am planning on reading some books on the queens gambit and the french defense as well. And will it be realistic for me to earn some money in real life tournaments in the upcoming years as well? Like, what lichess rating on rapid and classical do i need to be able to compete on a serious level in some real life tournaments?
Basically, im wondering what is still possible for me if i specialise on my 2 openings, as i started playing chess at such a late age.

A decent hobby player. If you devote some 10.000 hours to chess, say FIDE 2100. Every once in a blue moon some small price money.

By the way, universality is paramount. Two openings is nothing.

It depends how much you train, how much time you're willing to invest, and what your goals are.

You will not earn enough money in tournaments to admission costs, let alone travel. Maybe if you are a successful streamer you could make enough cash to help out with that, I guess, but I have no idea how much chess streamers actually earn.

Regarding openings... I don't know that it helps to go really deep into theory at your (our) level. If you're a d4 player, you need to know replies to common responses, and how to benefit from uncommon or unsound ones. Knowing 20 moves of the Queen Gambit won't help if your opponent plays Dutch or King's Indian or something. That said, as long as you aren't falling into a trap, the advantage from theory is often fairly slight. Better questions: How are your endgames? How are your tactics?

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