So, done with chesscom

@Shryder Than you, but as a matter of fact I have seen people mention this website many times but I don't like to download things from insecure sites.

The whole playing experience is MUCH, MUCH better than As a titled player, I've seen titled tuesdays on be restarted or delayed for hours; there are constant disconnects during the games, and there is also a complete disregard for the player experience on the site -- very few staff. I switched over to this site about a week ago, so much better, not a single disconnect so far, great cheat detection (was pleasantly surprised to see myself receive 20 rating points because of caught cheaters!), great staff and site.

It only took me 1 week to realize chess com was rotten...
Lichess is so much better in every aspect! :D

@FunnyAnimatorJimTV Don't worry, it's really secure. Those themes only change the interface, they can't execute any JS code or harm your computer.
And, you are welcome!

Lichess is definitely number one in my book.

Aside from all the other problems on, the moderation of their forums was just oppressive! For instance, if I wanted to talk about my favorite Shogi site (81dojo), I'd say there's a good 75-80% chance of the thread being locked on

Whenever people want to talk about Lichess on, they're literally forced to use the phrase "That other site".

Glad to have you here, OP :)

We aren't afraid to use his real name here, Voldemort.

chesscom had to send my achievement award via email....
"Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary of cancelling your membership". A picture of the certificate hangs over the commode.

Funny, funny, funny.

Glad to hear so many people confirming the suspicion I've always had that Lichess is a really, really good site!

It has happened to me.
I have played on for two years. But a month ago, when I met lichess, I fell in love.

There are some friends who say that in there are more people. But I think almost everyone has <1500 ELO.

I do not know how many players will be in active lichess or with more than> 1800 ELO but at the rate that grows lichess in a short time they will win