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  3. So, done with chesscom

I say it's a trapezoid! The evidence is undeniable.

#14 topic 4

I'm curious to know how is the obsession of rating there. I'm a little obsessed here already.

I've never tried, because it just looks like money, and I don't have any.

Make this post on chesscom before you leave.

The earth is a TRAPEZOID!
But yeah, Lichess is exponentially better.


"I know lichess doesn't do that, and I'm sure doesn't either."

I'm certain that they do. 80% of the things you think you "know", are not true.

80 % of all statistics are made up.

Welcome to "Whose Thought Process Is Correct?" with DavyKOTWF. Where the statistics are made up and the points don't matter.


Dude you are a 1300, I am too, the reality is we just suck at the game.

@fpvbmct you don't suck at the game you are still learning i used to be 1300 but i worked on my game and i am constantly improving on a daily basis :)

Going back to the pluses of

1. Best GUI! I absolutely love the lichess GUI. It's spoiled me rotten; now I despise all other chess interfaces because they're super clunky compared to lichess.

2. Everything is free! And open source!

3. You can actually play against titled players! I've had the privilege of being able to play against titled players in simuls, on streams, and sometimes even in tournaments!

4. You can play against many strong players! Unlike, where the only open challenges are from 1300 players, you can play against 2000+ players here on lichess!

5. Awesome staff :)

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