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  3. Semi slav equivalent against e4

Hi all,
Looking to add a second opening against e4 (my first is the Caro kann)
What could you advise that could be describe as (or close as) the semi slav against d4?
Something ambitious (not reckless)/active, more in the open/tactical (although semi slav needs both tactical and positional skills) facet of the game that can be used in rapid as in slow otb games

Caro-Kann is rather quiet. Btw, same move ;) 1. ... c6

But 1.e4 is called (semi) open, so there’s no real equivalent.

@piledriver the French Defense sounds like what you're looking for

I read somewhere that the Scandinavian for the structure and the Sicilian for the nature would be the closest. What do you think
I like the Caro kann because I make few opening mistake and get structure and endgames that suits me (most of the time)
Isn't the French mostly closed and positional