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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Question about chess etiquette

There is nothing wrong with saying "Good Game" after a game. Win, lose, or draw.

As mentioned before it is decisive what the adressant understands.

Don’t keep insisting that the synapses are the same as yours and futhermore secondary communication (gestures) are lacking.

There‘s nothing wrong with saying „gg“ to your girl-friend no matter if...

Take care!

Some people may choose to be offended if you say "Good Game" or any other non-offensive thing for that matter. To bow down to such people who are so easily offended is a great sign of weakness of character. Only a spineless little jellyfish would bow to such an individual willingly.

I will give you an example of what I mean about a person taking offense when there is none to be taken:

A few months back political commentator Ben Shapiro put out a video. It was a short video about a minute long. The video was polite in nature, and he basically challenged Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to debate him, or simply have an open discussion about politics on his show offering her a platform to express her political opinions. Alexandria is a member of the house of representatives. She was also offered $10,000 to go towards her campaign or a charity of her choice.

He put her into a position where she would need to choose a response.

A normal level headed person would Choose A,B, or C options. She went with D.

A) Accept the invitation
B) Politely decline the invitation
C) Ignore the invitation

She is not a reasonable person. She goes with D

D) Take offense at the situation

So she goes on a rant about how asking a female politician to discuss political issues with them is akin to "cat calling" or "sexual harassment"... Seriously that was her response!

So basically ya, screw them if they are gonna get offended so easily. Don't worry so much about offending people some folks are just little cry babies that crawl into a safe space sucking their thumb any time someone says anything at all. Coddling folks like that only worsen their condition, and it is doing them a disservice for when they eventually get out in the real world.

@empathie #24

You nailed it. More words would make it less.


goodgame: boring // well played: not deserved // thank you: polite

.......... ;)

TY. ;)

Saying 'good game' after beating your opponent should be done carefully because the player who loses obviously is NOT happy with the game he made, so what does 'good game' mean? Saying 'hi, thanks for game, it was an exciting match, you're a tough and dangerous player!' maybe you can lighten up a bit and say exactly what you mean.

A few days ago I saw the opportunity to change the queen for 3 pieces (2 knights and 1 bishop) and said in the chat: ok, now I'm excited, let's see what will happen!
When I do a blunder I sometimes write in the chat 'lol?'. But the players are not very friendly, so it is difficult to achieve a friendly atmosphere.

And I also know how to be a troll, I've already said many thanks for game because I knew it would make the opponent angry. Just take the test, say 'thanks for game, gg, good game' is a curious way of saying 'I won you, I'm better than you. kneel before me, mortal! ' lol

Ye, sometimes if you played an intense game, "GG" makes you both feel good. One where you crushed them usually aggravates them.

Regardless, good job at the flag! Flagging is fun.

#1: Basically you tell your opponent that you like winning? Flagging is your business? GG? Well then.

They won’t believe. If the game is lost it‘s not a „gg“. There might have been some interesting moments but the „G“ was not „G“ after all!

At the end of the day there‘s only the result that you won, additionally you launched your „gg“ to affirmate your playing style and superiority (you like it the way it went! Obviously!?) and you are blocked after all.