Queen vs 2 Rooks

#10 Details (can) matter. Give a concrete position, everything else won’t help.

@Sarg0n #10, is there a source for this statement, you could provide? Not that I doubt it, but I would like to read something like an article about it. Thanks

Depends on the position. If there is only one open file in an otherwise closed position and no other pieces are involved, I would go with the rooks. If all files are completely closed but diagonals are wide open I would pick the Queen.
But unless someone can come up with a specific position the best answer has to be "depends on the position"

I mean if both overlook mates in 1-2 (move 33) what should I say? Or taking the rook with Bxf1 earlier? Should we discuss subtelties?

Of course concrete details > general rules. @McVain

The given game: in the course of the game the rooks should have prevailed but it's hard to tell because of the many blunders.

It definitely depends on the position but starting from move 1, if you remove a queen from one side and both rooks from the other, the engine significantly favors the queen. Not saying this is the end all be all but it is definitely something to consider when looking for an answer to this question.

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