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  3. Playing Against the King's Indian Defense

Hi, I have a question; I've tried several methods against the King's Indian such as the Classical, Saemisch, Smyslov, Sokolov, and a few others, yet none of these I believe match my style. I'm a more positional player who doesn't like to do a huge attack like in Saemisch or Sololov, but I think Smyslov System is too boring, and I always get checkmated in the Classical. I'm just wondering if there are any other systems you'd recommend that are good for white, and if there are, a good YouTube video going over the main ideas of the opening. Feedback is appreciated. Happy Checkmating!

Might be helpful:

@FunnyAnimatorJimTV #1
Study GM Kramnik his games sounds like a good plan to me.
Very solid positional player, with excellent technique.

See also :
Kramnik :
"I won a lot of games in the King’s Indian, I have to say, without false modesty (smiles)… I think objectively it’s unsound, but there are a lot of tricks… I have to admit that I’m always happy to see the King’s Indian. You have pawns on c4, d4, e4. I don’t know any other opening where you get the centre without a fight… Strategically White is always better, and when I have a strategic advantage I’m happy. "

@WowRly I appreciate it, but that study appears to be from black's point of view. Although I do play KID from black also, my question in this discussion is a solution for white. :)

@achja I think the problem for the Classical (pawns c4, d4, e4) is that after the opening theory, black gets a pawn chain pointing towards white's king and he gets a furious kingside attack. I'm no master so I don't think I'd be able to (and most people I've seen aren't able to) match the speed of black's attack with white's own queenside attack. White is just going after material while black is preparing a surprise party for white's king. Spooky!

@FunnyAnimatorJimTV #4
What you are referring to is the Bajonet attack line.
That can basically only occur when white pushes d4d5, which you don't have to play !
If you really like quiet positional chess, you can even choose to play the exchange line of the classical mainline, which still contains some venom.
See e.g. this GM game :

@achja #4 I tried that setup once and I kind of liked it. I would play 8.0-0 instead of Qxd8. Here's my game: . I like that black's bishop is inactive but I might feel nervous about the d4 square. I'll try it some more. Thanks!

I‘ll play g3 systems myself. But that’s a bunch of theory as well, at least you won‘t get mated.

But I can tell you as a KID player that it is more alive than ever. Black is flexible enough to mix up EVERY variation and strive for a win. You cannot tame the latent dynamism of fianchettoed bishops by general means like choosing this and that line.

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