Players not resigning

@dooeyDecimal: "only then they resign"

It just dawned on me exactly what you mean, you wouldn't mind so much if they resigned when they know they're done, but they drag it on instead and don't even give you the money shot for the extra work: very frustrating indeed! Basically, they're sore losers.

You are allowed to use an opening book in correspondence IIRC.


The exact rule is and this is basically all correspondence. Except that iccf exception or any other place that allows engines.

You can use any form of "research" .. That includes previously analysed material with an engine. As long as YOU are doing the research. If you are in an unknown position you are on your own.

Example: I have a position in one of my correspondence games where I did a theoretical queen sac and it is engine analysed. I used the analysis that I have and exhausted it around move 15 I think. For the last three or four moves I have had nothing on research. So I don't open chessbase anymore. And there is no outside help. After the game I will analyse it and add items I feel may show up again. I have several lines that are like this and I am familiar with most of it enough to reproduce it in live play with decent accuracy. I am "hoping" correspondence will help me with deeper understanding similar to how botvinnik and keres claimed it helped them.

@piscatorox Thank you. I have played it in the past and I guess it was just an agreement between us not to use outside assistance. Personally, I don't see the point of playing, OTB-online-correspondence, in any form if you are allowed outside assistance. I could simply use an engine and play, not learning anything. <shrug>

Minor correction for @Stefanxd, you're right, all my previous games were correspondence, I did click "unlimited" though; not sure whadup there, but doesn't manner anymore since I play classical now.

Unlimited is just the extreme form of correspondence, what else would it be?

@RapidVariants @Stefanxd Since here "correspondence" doesn't mean "with engine assistance" then I guess yeah, seems straight forward enough. So then, what does "correspondence" mean? Aren't we all in different parts of the world whether playing "bullet", "classical", etc?

I'll answer my own question, all the other games are categorized as "quick pairing", but still considered "correspondence" I guess since it's indeed all happening online: the term "correspondence" having originated in the old days as explained by @OneDummHikk. All this is new to me, and does get more and more obvious as I learn, sorry for being so slow @RapidVariants.


Actually. Correspondence refers to any time control that lasts a day or longer. Anything you can get done in one sitting is considered live play.