Players not resigning

Players who leave without resigning are supposed to get penalized, but I keep getting players that don't finish their games so I'm the one having to resign: thus bringing my rating way down!

You seem to be playing correspondence. Players have 1 or several days to make a move here. This means you can leave and come back later or the next day. Play rapid or classical to find players who will finish the game right away.

Thanks for your input Stefanxd. I read that correspondence is people getting outside help, which I don't like, so I choose unlimited. Just my opponent's first move sometimes never comes so I get fed up and abort, or wait for their second move for ever and then resign. Do you mean classical 15 + 15? It's 15 minutes to start and then 15 seconds added to whatever? I'm not sure what that is, a bit complicated for me, I'm not beginner, but not much more. I guess I'll give it a try, thanks :)

15+15 is 15 mins plus 15 secs per move extra. In your game you were gaining time. You started with 15 mins and ended with 22 or so. Use more of your time and keep practicing. Good luck

what i hate most is when opponents down a piece or more and gives ya like 5 checks then when ya got them in mate in 2 or so .. then only then they resign... like at least give me the money shot after all that work.. but hey everyones different i guess

@SabbathBlack " I read that correspondence is people getting outside help, which I don't like,"

Correspondence chess isn't getting outside help. If you get help, outside or not, its considered cheating to me. Correspondence chess is just a different way of playing the game. Over-the-board, online, correspondence. The term started in the "old days" when you had OTB and correspondence which was typically mail. You mailed your opponent a move, they mailed you a move back. Not uncommon to have games last a year or two.

When I see I'm lost @dooeyDecimal, I like to resign to put an end to my misery, lol. And I don't mind that others do the same to me; but yeah, a couple more moves wouldn't kill them at that point.

I googled the term and that's what it told me @OneDummHikk (I feel bad writing your name, lol), but your explanation seems more logical. And it's interesting, thanks for the info.

Btw, this might be another topic, but I don't have the patience for long games; technically, a game can take for ever (when not choosing a time limit), right? One could take for ever to study the possibility for every move, or even take a math class on probabilities or something and come back to the game. I guess the more you play the more easily you see the possibilities though.

This brings me to my last comment, I played classical again @Stefanxd, I understand it now; it suits me perfectly, thanks!

@SabbathBlack @OneDummHikk 'official' correspondence chess - under the International Correspondence Chess Federation - does allow unlimited engine assistance.

But lichess (and other sites such as do not allow outside/engine assistance in their correspondence chess games - their site, their rules - and will treat it as cheating.