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Hello guys,

I got just a simple question. 2 years ago i started playing online chess, mainly blitz and bullet. Six months ago I joined a chess club and its really amazing how many advaned players there are around. We do many blitz tournaments and I noticed that im doing really fine in opening and middlegame, most of the games im even better positional speaking, but i almost lose every blitz game due to time. When i reach a good position I have about 30 seconds left, while my opponent still has 3 mins (speaking of a 5+0 game f.e.). I know I can do better than that and I noticed that im not that slow in online games, because I can feel the position better when im playing online. Over the board I really need to focus and realize the position much harder than on an online 2D board. I am curious how to improve. Do I need to focus on solving tactics on a real chess board? That is much more time consuming. I know that I should play much more chess on a real board but the chess club day is just one time a week. Do you have any tipps to help me out ?

The solution is easy: you have to practice otb, this the real meat. Playing in the net is like the simulator.

Maybe if you switched your online pieces to 3D mode it would help.

Or simply realize skill sets differ. We all excel at one or the other. You feel "comfortable" playing fast over the internet, not so much OTB. Solution ? Move faster.
Visualization, recognizing patterns comes easier in 2D most likely because it is practiced more often. The cure? Find players at the club who will play hours on end and stop online for a bit.
A suggestion.
I experience the opposite situation. Perform better OTB than online.

Two tips:
1) try to play increment blitz
2) study endgames, so that you can convert an advantage faster